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【LSC Protective Measures against 2019 Novel Coronavirus(2019-nCoV)】

update date : 2020-12-17

Novel Coronavirus 2019  http://2019-ncov.site.nthu.edu.tw/

For all the faculty, staff and student please follow the measures to avoid the spread of 2019nCov.

All the LS college place has sterilized and complied with the guidance from NTHU Division of Health Service to reinforce disinfect public space and ventilated indoors. To control effective, LS buildingII is the Single entrance. Please take body temperature and hands disinfection before entering LS buildings. Please wear mask if have respiratory disease or feeling ill. Wash your hands with soap regularly, cover your nose and mouth with your sleeve when coughing and sneezing. In case of fever or flu-like symptoms (such as fever>37.5℃, cough, running nose, sore throat, etc.), please notify the college staff or call Division of Health Servic at 03-5743000 or Student Assistance Division at 03-5711814 for assistance.

College of Life Science, NTHU



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