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President Scholarship of College of Life Science, NTHU

update date : 2020-12-13

Article 1. Only doctoral students admitted in 2004 or anytime thereafter are eligible to apply for the President’s Scholarship.

Article 2. The President’s Scholarship will be a NT$ 240,000 stipend paid over one year, in which NT$ 20,000 will be funded per month.         

Article 3. The number of recipients of President’s Scholarship will be decided by Office of Academic Affairs every year.

Article 4. Selection method: The outstanding candidate will be selected from eligible candidates, based upon the quota released each year, among PhD students enrolled by entrance exam and those who transfer directly from the Masters program.

Article 5. The graduate students can receive both the scholarship and subsidy at the same time, but with the maximum amount of NT$ 20,000 per month per PhD student.

Article 6. For those graduate students who are participating in any of the research programs or holding other scholarships in addition to the President’s scholarship, the total amount of stipend received must not exceed the amount stated in Article 5 of these provisions.

Article 7. These provisions were set by the Curriculum Committee of the College, approved at the Council Meeting of the College, and will be amended if necessary.

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