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College of Life Sciences Reward of Outstanding Neurosciences Thesis

update date : 2020-12-13

  • Objectives:

To inspire students involved in neuroscience research at NTHU, Dr. Mu-Ming Poo (Academician) generously donated his lecture fees to reward the student with the most outstanding publication of a neuroscience paper.

  • Requirements

Current students (excludes those who have terminated their studies), first author of a thesis paper published in a neuroscience journal, thesis publication period must be between August 1st and July 31st  of the following year, and NTHU must appear on the thesis paper as the location of the research. If the thesis paper is in the process of being accepted, but is not yet published (or still in press), the relevant documents must be attached. Paper SCI Impact Factor must be at least 5.5. Quota: 1

  • Deadline: 31st July of each year
  • Application: Please provide a photocopy of your student ID and a copy of your thesis to Professor Yen-Chung Chang’s Office (LS Building I, Room 423).

  • Awarding method:

1. The winner will be awarded NT $ 30,000 and a certificate will be provided.
2. The certificate will be awarded by Dr. Mu-Ming Poo, upon which the winner will be required to give a brief presentation about his/her research.

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