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Shen's Culture & Education Foundation (沈巨塵先生)

update date : 2020-12-13
  • Objectives:

To commemorate the enthusiasm for education of Mr. Shen, the "NTHU Scholarship of Mr. Shen" was set up at the College of Life Science in NTHU by Mr. Shen’s Foundation in order to cultivate outstanding youths to further their education and encourage students to participate in life science-related research.

  • Targets:

Priority is given to first year Ph.D. students who are currently studying in any of the four institutes of the College of Life Sciences at NTHU and entered via enrollment examination. He or she must be a full-time research student.

  • Award Description:
1. PhD student scholarships are available for six first-year PhD candidates.  Each scholarship is worth NT $ 100,000, with an equal amount distributed each month, over a period of 10 months.
2. Paper Published Grants: For those whose paper is published in a journal with an impact factor of at least 5.0, or in a journal ranked in the top 20% of the related area, the winner will receive an additional NT $ 20,000 (or up to NT $ 50,000) reward. This reward may be awarded up to a maximum of three times.
  • Selection methods:
1. For those Ph.D students who intend to apply for the scholarship, the application form and all relevant documents must be delivered to the office within one month of the start of the school year, and will be reviewed and assessed by the Executive Council of College of Life Science.
2. For the application of paper published grants, the application form and relevant documents must be delivered to the office within a year of the publication date. The awards ceremony will be presented by Mr. Shen’s Foundation.
The awardees are required to participate in the admissions forum of Life Science by sharing their experiences. At the same time, the awardees must maintain their graduate studies at an exemplary level and provide learning-related performance so that the scholarship will be continually offered from Mr. Shen’s Foundation. The PhD students who receive this scholarship may also receive additional scholarships or salary as a project research assistant, with the total amount not to exceed NT $ 20,000.

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